Things I Hate When Using Apple Products (iPhone, MacBook Pro)

why I hate Apple Products

I am using some Apple Products like iPhone, and Macbook Pro for more than 8 years. Over these years I faced many issues with these products which I am not faced with Android Phones and Windows PC.

Many people have a crazy interest in Apple products. Even Some people slowly saved their hard working money and bought a new iPhone. They think it will bring a lot of joy to them. But the reality is totally different.  Their joy will end when they started to use their iPhones and realize they can’t do a lot of things they previously did on their Android phones.

The first problem is You will miss a lot of good features Android Phones offer on your iPhone like sharing and storing images, videos, and other PDF files.

File Storage and Access Problem

When you have an Android phone, you just connected it to your computer and copy/paste your files into your phone. Then you started to use those files on your Phone.

But this thing is totally different on iPhone. If you want to manage and access your iPhone files you need to install iTunes software (provided by Apple) on your PC or Mac. Apple does not provide easy-to-use File Manager because they consider their phone security and they sell their iCloud storage space to iPhone users.

And this software has a complicated, outdated UI (Apple does not care to implement this software with easy-to-use functionality for users). You will get confused when you use this software. So you have purchased the 3rd party file managers like MediaTrans.

Their Software updates bring lots and lots of bugs

Apple cares about the security of its products and frequently releases new software updates for iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. I think they don’t have proper time to check their updates. Because every time Apple users updated their iPhones or iPad, they will get lots and a lot of new issues on their phones (see Google sear and Apple forum for proof).

Users will get bugs in their social media apps, internet & data connectivity, wifi when they update their phones.

This is also a headache for Programmers

When Apple released a new update, the programmer needs to update their software for the new update. So they spend too much money and effort to maintain their app in the App Store. Most of the time they don’t get proper documentation and bug-fixing tools to update their applications. As a programmer, I think it’s the worst scenario.

Every year, you have to buy a new iPhone model and it’s expensive

Every year Apple releases 1 or 2 new iPhone modes. Sometimes, even they release the new iPhones without a lot of new features. They always change their iPhone look. So your iPhone looks old model when you use it next year.

So if you want to keep your trend, you have to spend another 800 to 1500 bucks and buy a new iPhone every year. Also next year, your iPhone model rate comes down. Others will buy the same model phone for less money. I think it’s some kind of scam.

Repairing Apple products gives you a bad experience

You can’t get Apple spare parts from outside stores and you need to defend Apple’s Genius Bars to repair your Apple products. They ask too much money to repair your iPhone or MacBook Pro. They always suggest you replace the whole motherboard and display and they charge top dollar.

I experienced this problem with my MacBook Pro. In India, you can find Apple-authorized centers in the main cities only. So you have to travel a long distance to find the Apple authorized repair center. Apple authorized repair center suggest me to change my Macbook motherboard when it suddenly not working. I try to find the right technicians. After a long time of search, I repair it with the help of one hardware person

So in my opinion, try to choose an Android phone when you just need a smartphone. Don’t consider its camera quality. Nowadays a lot of Android phone comes with super camera quality. Even if you choose iPhone and after years passed, your iPhone camera starts losing its quality. So think about it.

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