5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Studying and Education

iphone apps for studying

If we ask an average student about the most common challenge they face in modern education, the most popular answer would be somewhat related to the use of technology. Now, it is not surprising as students have to go through volumes of complex data. The best way to achieve peace of mind is to find helpful apps that can make the studies and education processes relatively easier. For some learners, it will be a pocket dictionary, while others will be happy to use a special app that will help them create unique mindmaps by allowing them to overcome apparent challenges. Just take your time to explore what works for you, and remember that your iPhone apps must help you make things easier, not make them even more challenging!

5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Studying and Education

1. Pocket Oxford Dictionary

Regardless of whether you need to check your spelling or find out a good synonym for some word you plan to use, this great (and free!) app is truly helpful. It has a good structure and allows you to enter keywords to see the use of some concept or an expression in various scenarios. If you are an ESL learner in need of some assistance, this app will be of help as well. Now, for other types of educational challenges, you may consider GrabMyEssay to get your school assignments checked online by a trained expert. Pairing this kind of help with a dictionary on your phone allows you to stay safe and improve your spelling and writing skills.

2. StudyBlue Flashcards

The concept of this app allows you to work with your school content by creating special flashcards or quizzes, depending on the situation. Once ready, you can share it all with other users by entering relevant keywords. It is a great way to learn that is possible free of charge. The best part about this app is a plethora of helpful creative tools that can boost your creative skills and help you remember complex things easier as you break them down into several smaller chunks.

3. Dragon Dictation App

This iOS app comes free of charge and always grows in popularity among busy and creative students. The main purpose of this solution is to talk into the app and let it convert things to text in a digital format. It means that you can paste ideas and your thoughts to other apps, create an email message, or take notes. Now, it makes it clear whether Apple better for education compared to Android alternatives. Still, this amazing application is second to none and works as a great time-saver when you need to capture your ideas fast while your creative spirits flow.

4. SimpleMind

If you wish to generate new ideas and make things inspiring, even with the most complex concepts, do not skip this app. It is based on the concept of mind maps that can be created easily with the help of existing templates or by using your custom frameworks. It helps to keep your studies disciplined and trains one’s organizational skills.

5. EverNote.

It has been one of the most popular apps for studying and education among students for decades. What makes it amazing is the large set of import and export options, which means that you can use this as a digital organizer that can read data from all your favorite iOS apps. It can accept handwritten notes, and store your Office documents, short audio clips, photographs, and basically all data types. The best thing is that you can keep everything sorted and even receive alerts when some changes must be done or when you need to submit an assignment!

Focus On Your Immediate Needs!

When the temptation to install every possible app becomes too high, you should make a list and focus on those things that you need. It should not come down to what is being advertised or marketed by others. The trick is to think about things you might be struggling with or look for mobile apps that will help to resolve your current challenges. It will help you to narrow the list of apps down and use only those solutions that can actually help you and not just stay there because they belong to something popular that is used by everyone. Do not forget to take your time to read reviews and always download your iOS apps from verified and safe sources!

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Olivia Evans

Olivia EvansOlivia Evans has spent years busy with modern educational technologies as a teacher and the end-user. As a technology specialist and analyst, she believes that technology must be approached with due care to make things work. Follow Olivia to take your studies to another level and learn how to keep things inspiring. 


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