The Use of iPhone and iPad Apps to Check for Plagiarism in Student Work

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When you are a student in college, you already know that the teacher has a lot of requirements when it comes to writing your papers. And one of these requirements, which is quite essential, is to deliver an original paper that is not plagiarized. Which can feel pretty challenging these days, as everything can be found online in an instant. And most of the time, plagiarism is unintentional. You may read a book, do some coursework, go to the library, and select some studies. And if you do not take notes, you may forget that you actually read that information somewhere and you may end up presenting it as your own.

Which, of course, comes with consequences on your grade, but also on your academic progress. So, you need to make sure you deliver a paper that has no plagiarism, as the effects of it might be more severe than an unfavorable grade. You can use your devices to check for plagiarism in your student work. There are plagiarism apps for iOS devices you can use when you write your papers. Here are some of the best apps for iOS devices you can use to make sure you deliver an original paper.


If you are a student struggling with writing original essays, then StudyMoose can be a great resource for you. It not only provides various examples of essays on different topics but also has a vast collection of resources on how to avoid plagiarism. The platform works perfectly on iOS it’s a great help for those who want to improve their writing skills and avoid the consequences of submitting plagiarized content.

You can find interesting essay about plagiarism at StudyMoose for a better understanding of its consequences. These essays provide insight into why plagiarism is unethical and how to avoid it. By reading these essays, you can develop a deeper understanding of plagiarism and gain new ideas for creating original content. Additionally, StudyMoose also provides various resources, including tips and tools for detecting plagiarism on your iOS device, that can be used to check the originality of your own work.


One of the plagiarism apps for iOS devices you can use when you are working on your academic papers is Grammarly. This is one of the most popular apps among students, as they use it for checking their grammar and spelling mistakes too. Grammarly is a tremendous app you can use in your college years. For sure you have a lot of papers to write and you want an excellent grade when it comes to your academic progress. The best thing is that it is available on iOS devices, so you can install it both on your iPhone and iPad so that you have access to it on all devices you have. Students are usually on the go and you might work on your papers while you are commuting, for example. In moments when you do not have access to your laptop.

So, besides the grammar, spelling, and conciseness checks Grammarly performs for you, it also has a plagiarism checker integrated. Which is of tremendous help for students, as you have many features you need in one app. It is crucial to deliver no plagiarism essays so that you do not put your academic progress to risk. Any essay about plagiarism highlight the consequences of plagiarism, such as expulsion or suspension. So, to stay away from these, you can use your iPhone and iPad to check your papers before submitting them.


If you are looking for an app that is easy to use and generates a report where you can understand if your text is original, you could use PlagScan. It works like many of the plagiarism checkers you may find online. It compares your text with others that exist online and then it highlights the sentences, words, or phrases in your text that are identical to others found online.


If you want an app that has many features, you could check Duplichecker too. It is similar to Grammarly, so it has grammar and spelling features integrated too. But, of course, the most important feature is the plagiarism checker that helps you deliver an original paper.

Sometimes, plagiarism is accidental, so you need to know you do not put your academic progress at risk. Besides getting a negative grade, you lose the trust of your teachers who will always suspect you of plagiarism, even though you didn’t deliberately do it. Duplichecker is a tool that should be on your list. However, you should know that you can check a maximum of 1000 words with it, which is one of its disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

Getting an education in university as a student comes with challenges along the way. You need to learn how to manage your time, read all the books recommended by your teacher, and complete all your assignments. You may have busy periods when it comes to completing all your academic tasks, so you may rush things and plagiarize in your papers, even though you do not want this to happen. The excellent thing is that you can use your iOS devices to check for plagiarism and install these apps that help you spot it.

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