5 Best Widget Apps For Your iPhone (iOS 16)

Usually, we love to use widgets on our home screen and lock screen. But customization widget settings are more unique and make our home screen more informative. So here I’ll list out the most important widget apps for your iPhone. Let’s check what it is.

Motivation – Daily quotes 

Motivation is very important in our daily life. It helps us to push our goals. We can get this daily with this motivation widget app. This provides unique and inspiring motivational quotes daily on your home screen and lock screen. So you’ll never miss out on your inspiration. And it makes your mental health stronger. Why are you still waiting just to download it and get motivation daily? 

Weather Live Widget 

Live weather will help us prepare ourselves according to weather conditions. It might be useful when you are new to the city. And having a weather widget is a good thing. So download it and add a weather widget to your home screen to get a daily weather update.

App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper

Customize your home screen with this Widget & Wallpaper app. This gives you a more colorful home screen. In this app, there are tons of app icons and widgets available. You can set natural, abstract, and fire wallpapers. This also provides a live animation wallpaper also. So it’s worth using it.

The Flight Tracker

With this flight tracker app, you can track your flight details on your phone easily. It reports the live status of your iPhone. This is the most accurate flight tracker app. and also provides real-time weather details. It’s very useful for business people who travel frequently.

Sticky Widgets 

This sticky widget is my favorite one. and it’s very useful. It’ll always remind you of your daily activities. So you can save your to-do list in this app and set it as a widget. And every time you open your iPhone You can see your to-do list. You can easily edit this sticky note by tapping on it.


These are the best must-need widget apps for your iPhone home screen. I hope you like it. If you use any other widget app rather than this, then let me know through the comments section below. Thank you, and keep supporting iPhonetopics.com.

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