Best Screwdriver Set for MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air (2023)

Hi guys, Recently I upgraded the New SSD/Hard drive for my mid-2012 MacBook Pro. When I tried to remove the back panel, I noticed that it was fitted with different types of screws: Pentalobe screws and Philips screws. At that time I didn’t know which type of screwdriver I want to use. When I searched the internet, I found so many peoples didn’t know which type of screwdriver to use to open/repair the other  Mac models. So, here I will give a brief explanation about the best Screwdriver set for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and which type of tools are used. If you want to know more about this, then just scroll down the page.

Note: Before buying the screwdriver check which model screw is in your Mac. Identify the screw model and then buy appropriate screwdriver.

Mac and Screwdriver Model : 

MacBook Pro:

Mac Models and Screw Type

MacBook Air:

MacBook Air list and screw types



iFixit is the best tool kit for your all-model Mac. It has all types of screws that are used in the Mac version (2008-2021). And it provides a lifetime warranty for all products that you purchased. Along with the screw, it provides an opener, pry tool, sim eject, Tweezers, Spudger, Suction Handle, Magnetized case, and Lid with Built-in Sorting Tray.  

Precision Pentalobe Screwdriver Set ($6.99) Precision Pentalobe screwdriver for Mac

This Precision screwdriver was suitable for your Mac back panel opening. And it comes with 1 Pry tool, 1 blue spudger, 2 opening guitar picks, and 1 free magnetized stand. P5 1.2 mm (PL4) screw used for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air comes with a Retina display. And P6 1.5mm (PL5) screw was used to remove 5 pointed Pentalobe screw on a mid-2009 Macbook Pro 15 inch. It fits all Apple 5-point star screwdriver sizes except for the iWatch.

Note: The Pentalobe screw sizes P2, P5, P6 are also called TS1, TS4, TS5

JESOT Screwdriver set($6.99)

JESOT Screwdriver set

The JESOT Screwdriver set is specially designed for MacBook repair, battery replacement, and other repairing work. Its screw set is made of stainless steel so it won’t get out of shape easily. JESOT 360 degrees rotation cap helps to rotate freely without effect. And it comes with 1 Tri-wing Screwdriver, 1 Philips Screwdriver, 1 Pentalobe 5 Screwdriver, 1 Pentalobe T5, T6 Screwdriver, 2 helper sticks, 1 Tweezers, 1 Brush, and 1 cloth. Compatible models are  MacBook Air 11 inches or 13 inches (All Version) MacBook Pro13 inches 15 inches or 17 inches (All Version) MacBook 13 inches (All Version) 2015 New MacBook (All Version), and All MacBook Series (2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018)

Kaisi Macbook Repair Tool($7.99) 

Kaisi MacBook Repair tool for MacBook Pro

The Kaisi is one of the best screwdriver sets for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. This S2 alloy steel has a magnetic head and up to 6HRC, you can easy to hold a screw even if it is tiny. Kaisi provides a 360-degree rotation cap. The handle is made of ABS plastic and this provides a comfortable handle. Kaisi’s P5 helps to open the back panel of the MacBooks. And its 5-pointed star screw was specially made for MacBook disassembly and repair. The T5 screwdriver for removing the Fan screw, and SSD/Hard disk replacement on MacBook Pro MacBook Air. And this PH000 Philips screw is widely used by all Macs. So without any hesitation just buy it. 

Klein Screwdriver set ($29.97)

 Klein Screwdriver kit for Mac

Klein has a complete repair set of Apple products like MacBook. Its Philips and Pentalobe screwdriver set perfectly fits all Mac models. So you can buy this without any doubt. This power magnet tips easily pick up and hold the screw. You can easily extend the screwdriver for easy access. Klein screwdriver sets cover with a heavy-duty plastic case. You can easily change the screw tip according to your purpose. Because it has an all-in- Precision screwdriver set. The cushion grip and 360-degree rotation cap provide handle-free and comfortable usage comfortably. Items come with a pack is, 

Philips      – #000 , #00 , #0 , #1 , #2 , 

Slotted      – 1 mm , 1.5 mm , 2 mm , 2.5 mm , 3 mm , 3.5 mm ,

Hex           –  0.9 mm , 1.3 mm , 1.5 mm ,Tamperproof: 2 mm , 2.5 mm , 3 mm , 3.5 mm , 

Torx           – T3 , T4, Tamperproof: T5 , T6 , T7 , T8 , T9 , T10 , T15 

Triangle     –  #2 , #3

Pentalobe  – P2 , P5

Tri-Wing     – Y000 , Y0 , Y1 

Stand Off

Spanner     –  #4 , #6

Final verdict:

That’s it guys these are the best Screwdriver tools for repairing your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I hope this article helps to choose the perfect size of screwdriver for your Mac. If I miss anything or if you know any other best screwdriver set, please let us know through the comments section below. If you find this useful then kindly share it with your friends. And keep supporting Thank you. 

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