Best MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives (Most Reddit People suggested this one)

Are you looking for MagSafe battery pack alternatives for your iPhone, guys? If so, this guide will assist you in choosing the finest backup power bank for your iPhone. The greatest and most portable magnetic power bank for your iPhone is what I’ll mention below. Just look over the selection of products below and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank($40.98) 

An alternative to the Apple MagSafe power pack is the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can both be charged with this magnetic charger. A 6000 mAh battery pack is provided. You may take this in your pocket while traveling because it is pocket-friendly. A small card-sized power bank, it is. Your iPhone will be held more securely with a strong magnetic connection. And offer a charging experience that is more steady. You may use wired and wireless chargers to charge your iPhone because it has two-way charging. Within 30 minutes, leading high power output will quickly fill your charger.

PureGear Portable Fast Magnetic battery Pack($39.99)

A lightweight and handy magnetic power bank are PureGear. PureGear is the ideal weight and size for travel. It features a backup battery of 5000mAh. You can use this on your Apple iPhone 14, 13, or 12 series since it was explicitly created for the model. They will include a USB-C and USB-A charging cable with a magnetic charger. Furthermore, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.

IdealForce Magsafe Power Bank($27.99)

The best replacement for the Magsafe Power Bank is this IdealForce Magsafe charger. IdealForce is a 3-in-1 charger that may be used magnetically, wirelessly, or over a wire. This will never fall from your iPhone because of the powerful magnetic pull it has. It is constructed from a top-notch lithium polymer battery. The ability to utilize your phone while using this power bank is also a major benefit. You can easily carry IdealForce around because it is compact and fits in your pocket.

Casely Power Pod ($60.00) 

iPhone 12 and later models are compatible with the Casely Power Pod. This power pod is also compatible with non-MagSafe devices (with a MagSafe case). The 5000 mAh capacity of this battery. This product comes in a range of hues and patterns. A Qi wireless charger will work with Casely as well.

Anker Magnetic wireless portable charger 

For iPhones with MagSafe accessories, Anker created a magnetic portable wireless charger. Since it has universal compatibility, all of your iPhone models that have magnetic cases can use it. This contains a USB-C connector and a 5000 mAh battery backup capacity. These magnetic chargers from Anker are useful. So, you may simply snap and leave. You shouldn’t be concerned about fingerprint smudges or scratch resistance because it is made of soft silicone.

Note: This Anker magnetic power bank product is currently unavailable. We hope it will restock soon.

iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

The iPhone 14, 13, and 12 may be charged wirelessly with the iWalk MagSafe. Both with and without a Mag-Safe case, this is functional. With its 7.5-watt fast charging, you can swiftly charge your iPhone. Additionally, it has a USB-C 18W input for cable charging. When your iPhone is fully charged, its intelligent indicator will let you know. This comes with a power bank. A 6000-mAh, USB-A to USB-C cable serves as a backup.

Note: This iWalk magnetic wireless power bank product is currently unavailable. We hope it will restock soon. 

Belkin Wireless Portable Power Bank($54.28)  

All iPhones that are MagSafe-compatible are supported by the Belkin wireless portable power bank. You can continue using your iPhone as it charges. It has wired connections with 7.5 watts and USB-C to lightning connections with 18 watts. You may carry this power bank in your pocket or travel bag because it is very compact and lightweight. The iPhone 13 and 12 series are compatible with Belkin’s wireless portable power banks (Mini, Pro, and Pro Max). Most notably, it incorporates a magnetic car charging mount that is compatible with MagSafe. This is the best MagSafe battery pack alternative.

Note: This Belkin wireless power bank product is currently unavailable. We hope it will restock soon.

ESR Kickstand Magsafe Battery Bank($59.99) 

The kickstand on this ESR power bank allows you to hold your iPhone while it charges. Additionally, it has rapid charging with wireless charging at 7.5 W and wired charging at 20 W. Its primary power source is a 10000 mAh battery. When you snap your phone into a power bank, this auto-on Magsafe-style wireless charging will pass power without any issues. It is attached magnetically strongly. The iPhone 14, 13, and 12 models are all compatible with the ESR kickstand MagSafe.

Note: This ESR Kickstand battery bank product is currently unavailable. We hope it will restock soon. 

These are the portable Magsafe battery pack alternatives for the iPhone. If you find this post useful to you then share it with your friends via social media. Thank you and keep supporting

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